Xenith - Visiiri
Xenith - Visiiri

Xenith - Visiiri

59,00 €

Xenith visiiri. Sopii lähes kaikkiin kypäriin

Toimitusaika 2 - 5 työpäivää
Palautusoikeus 14 päivää

The Xenith Eyeshield provides added protection from opposing players and the elements. Made of shatter resistant polycarbonate with a fog and scratch resistant coating, the Xenith Eyeshield offers clear, distortion-free vision.

The Xenith Eyeshield fits any style Xenith facemask, but does not fit size small facemasks, or the Predator/Precept facemask. The Xenith Eyeshield also fits most, but not all, other helmet brands.

100 g
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